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The C&O Canal Towpath Trail and Great Allegheny Passage

Which direction

dan from Austin, TX on 4/1/2011 8:01:11 AM:
Planning on riding Washington to Pittsburgh or Pittsburgh to Washington in late May. Which direction is preferable - either?

Boo from DC on 4/5/2011 4:57:43 PM:
Pittsburgh to DC is slightly downhill, and I think the more common direction.

vabiker23518 from Williamsburg, VA on 4/7/2011 2:31:06 PM:
Take a look at the Bike Washington and GAP webpages. From Cumberland to the Eastern Continental Divide is the big rise, heading west. I've done it both ways, and for me, best to go west. That way you get the pain over with relatively quickly. When heading east, the gentile rise from Ohiopyle to the C.D. seems never ending!