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Best Western Leesburg

726 East Market Street

Best Western Leesburg is located 4 miles from the C&O Canal Trail, in Leesburg VA

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Best Western Leesburg
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Forum Discussions about Best Western Leesburg

Best Western Leesburg in Leesburg
Anonymous on 06/20/2023 05:25 PM:
Given that White's Ferry is indefinitely closed (and has been), this lodging option in Leesburg doesn't make sense as a recommendation anymore :-/

AGG from Atlanta on 07/16/2023 01:27 PM:
Seven GAP/CO riders are looking for a lodging venue between Harper's Ferry and end of the Trail in DC. Non-operational White's Ferry lets out Leesburg for the night. We have not found anything on the MD side somewhere near the Poolesville area...
Has anyone found a place to stay in that area, or should we just expect a 55+ mi ride on last day? Thanks for any comments or clues! We have talked about possibility of staying at Lockhouse 25, but really want showers, heat and a flush toilet! Asking too much??

WKR from Brunswick, MD on 07/17/2023 07:52 PM:
I haven't done any searching myself so don't know if you'll find anything but have you checked vrbo or airbnb?