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Best Western Leesburg

726 East Market Street

Best Western Leesburg is located 4 miles from the C&O Canal Trail, in Leesburg VA

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Best Western Leesburg
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Forum Discussions about Best Western Leesburg

Lodging on Trail Side near Leesburg
John Brown from Pittsburgh on 07/14/2024 03:42 PM:
With the White's Ferry croosing closed, this inquiry is a continuing and probably frequently asked question; however, with the closing othe White's Ferry crossing and the assumed lack of access to Leesburg, beyond Lock House 25, what are our lodging options.

Will the Leeburg hotels cross the river and pick you up and return you to the trail?

Our projected date for this need is Sept 20th/ mid week.

We are not overnight campers and would desire lodgings with a shower and bed linens provided.


Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 07/14/2024 08:00 PM:
The Leesburg hotels should consider your suggestion but I’m unaware of any that do. To my knowledge the last public lodging near the trail in route to DC is in Brunswick, MD.

You might want to consider a shuttle service to take you across the river to Leesburg for the night and continue on into DC via the WOD trail the next morning.

Perhaps a forum reader from the area has some better ideas.

Best Western Leesburg in Leesburg
Anonymous on 06/20/2023 05:25 PM:
Given that White's Ferry is indefinitely closed (and has been), this lodging option in Leesburg doesn't make sense as a recommendation anymore :-/

AGG from Atlanta on 07/16/2023 01:27 PM:
Seven GAP/CO riders are looking for a lodging venue between Harper's Ferry and end of the Trail in DC. Non-operational White's Ferry lets out Leesburg for the night. We have not found anything on the MD side somewhere near the Poolesville area...
Has anyone found a place to stay in that area, or should we just expect a 55+ mi ride on last day? Thanks for any comments or clues! We have talked about possibility of staying at Lockhouse 25, but really want showers, heat and a flush toilet! Asking too much??

WKR from Brunswick, MD on 07/17/2023 07:52 PM:
I haven't done any searching myself so don't know if you'll find anything but have you checked vrbo or airbnb?