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Bikepath Bed and Bath

Paw Paw WV
109 Winchester St

Bikepath Bed and Bath is located approximately 0.4 mile from the C&O Canal Trail, in Paw Paw WV

Seasonal: April - October

FREE internet, device charge, and use of Kitchen.

Fully licensed, Health Dept. inspected, clean, safe, and sane

Emergency assistance always available


Pet friendly

Free laundry
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Bikepath Bed and Bath
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Forum Discussions about Bikepath Bed and Bath

Comments on Lodging on C&O
Terry from Baltimore on 05/20/2023 10:42 PM:
We biked the C&O May 5-9, to complete our 2022 PGH to DC tour that was cut short by 2 funerals.
Some comments on lodging:
PawPaw, WV: Bikepath B&B is the place for hospitality. Dan is a great host. Full of information and ready to help anyone. He is available for shuttles at a reasonable price, which is important as long as the Paw Paw tunnel is closed.
Williamsport: Bay Farm B&B: Up an easy hill. A little confusing finding the garage, etc, but a very nice place with very nice rooms. Large and varied supply of food for breakfast, but nothing hot except the coffee. No person on site. Pricy (we paid $180 + tax).
Harpers Ferry: Towns Inn. Nice rooms. Not fancy. VERY helpful and accommodating. Let us keep our property there while touring the town after checkout time. But you have to carry loaded bike up those stairs on the MD side.
Brunswick: Travelodge is the only place I can find. Up a significant hill no matter how you do it. We used 9th Ave (via 10 Ave) - a long hill that someone in better shape might peddle, but was a push up most of it for us. Road back to town on 2nd Ave. One hill was so steep it was scary to go down. Wanted to use Gum Spring Rd, but missed the turn. Travelodge itself looks new and was very nice to stay. Adele's TexMex Restaurant is right next door and is THE place for dinner.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 05/22/2023 10:25 AM:
Good info regarding lodging. Thanks.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 05/22/2023 10:27 AM:
I forgot to ask. Did Dan in Paw Paw have any insight as to when the trail at the tunnel exit might reopen?

Terry from Baltimore on 05/29/2023 02:20 PM:
I believe he understood September to be the current prediction, but he was going by the Natl Park Svc forecast, which he is familiar with as a NPS volunteer.

Bikepath Bed and Bath in Paw Paw
Chad E Lavender from Dixonville, PA on 06/14/2018 04:38 PM:
Has anyone stayed here? If so, what was your experience?

Bikechick from Shepherds town on 07/26/2018 08:17 AM:
Sorry this is so late. But I stayed there in 2016. Great experience! Owner is a canal steward and wonderful host! I plan to stay again.

Christopher Ormsby from Toronto on 07/26/2018 07:36 PM:
Nothing fancy, but Dan makes a great host, and a better breakfast.

bobthebuilder from Cleveland Ohio on 07/26/2018 09:49 PM:
We just completed the C&O and Gap on July 21st. Couldn't find lodging in Paw Paw so stayed in Little Orleans at the Hilltop Inn. 6 miles of the trail but they have a great shuttle service. By far the highlight of our trip. Don't miss this place!

Don from Dyer on 07/27/2018 11:48 AM:
I stayed at Three Otters in that area. They will canoe you from the path across the river to their property and back. They were very friendly and accommodating. www.threeotters.com

Rich And Samantha kros from Stevensville md on 09/15/2018 10:22 PM:
HEY Dan wanted to give you shout out after peddling from Cumberland to paw paw we stopped. all the camping areas mostly closed stopped at BIKEPATH bed and bath I've met a lot fine folks over my 65yrs but this guy was great. had to detour to 84marker he transported us last thing he told me was the adventure starts here he was spot on 2hrs to go 2 miles trail covered with 4" of muck and downed trees 5hrs to Sheppards town something my granddaughter will always remember. I'm sure to go back soon thanks Mr.Dan