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The C&O Canal Towpath Trail and Great Allegheny Passage

China 88

16 Milestone Terrace

China 88 is located approximately 1 mile from the C&O Canal Trail, in Williamsport MD

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China 88
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Forum Discussions about China 88

China 88 in Williamsport
Pig Pen from Jessup, OH on 09/20/2013 03:40 AM:
Good food! Clean, cpmfortable seating, generous portions. Excellent value. A must stop for dinner if staying at the Red Roof across the street.

Angie from Central PA on 09/20/2013 09:07 PM:
I second the recommendation!

Darel from Norfolk, VA on 12/29/2013 04:52 AM:
Concur. Very nice. A welcome change from the traditional grub found along the canal trail. Try the Spicy Orange Beef. Yum Yummmmm….