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Cumberland MD on the C&O Canal Trail

Mile marker 185
Elevation: 610

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Train Station
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C&O Canal Trail
Great Allegheny Passage
Western Maryland Rail Trail
9 Decatur Guest House & Hostel
9 Decatur, Cumberland
Allegany Museum
81 Baltimore Street, Cumberland
Amcare urgent care
403 N Mechanic St, Cumberland
Amtrak Cumberland Station
201 East Harrison Street, Cumberland

Baltimore Street Grill
82 Baltimore St, Cumberland
Best Western Braddock Motor Inn
1268 National Hwy, Lavale
Brush Tunnel (east entrance)

Cafe Mark
37 Baltimore St, Cumberland
City Lights
59 Baltimore St, Cumberland
Cumberland Inn & Spa
120 Greene St, Cumberland
Cumberland Trail Connection
14 Howard Street, Cumberland
Cumberland Visitor Center
13 Canal Street, Cumberland
Curtis Famous Weiners
35 N Liberty St, Cumberland
Cycles and Things
165 N. Centre Street, Cumberland
European Desserts And More
17 Howard St, Cumberland
Evitts Creek Aqueduct

Evitts Creek Campsite

Get Out and Go Tours
43160 Wintergrove Dr, Ashburn
Grouseland Tours
467 Robinsonville Rd, Clearville
Irons Mountain Campsite

K Bar
1118 Virginia Ave, Cumberland
114 S Center St, Cumberland
Mountainside Bike Tours
108 Decatur Street, Cumberland
Noble Invention Bike Touring
Queen City Creamery & Deli
108 Harrison St, Cumberland
Queen City Taxi
Ranch Road Bridge

Ristorante Ottaviani
25 North Centre Street, Cumberland
Rock Of Ages Christian Night Club & Restaurant
731 Virginia Ave, Cumberland
The Bruce House Inn
201 Fayette St, Cumberland
The Crabby Pig
14 Howard St, Cumberland
The Inn On Decatur
108 Decatur Street, Cumberland
The Manhattan Social
69 Baltimore St, Cumberland
Uncle Jacks Pizzeria & Pub
20 S Mechanic St, Cumberland
Western Maryland Railway Station
13 Canal Street, Cumberland
Western Maryland Regional Medical Center
12500 Willowbrook Rd, Cumberland
Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
13 Canal Street, Cumberland
601 Kelly Road, Cumberland
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Forum Discussions about Cumberland

bryan lindberg from north irwin pa on 10/05/2017 06:58 PM:
I am planning a bike ride from Connellsville to Cumberland this fall and was wandering if anyone knew if their is a place in Cumberland to drop off our vehicle to park from Friday to Sunday for our ride back ? Thanks

Rick from Grafton on 10/09/2017 03:28 PM:
Free multi day parking under the I68 bridge at Canal Place. We parked there this past Monday and completed Passage on Friday. No problems. Parking lot is monitored and supposed to have cameras.

tom roehl from washington dc on 06/03/2018 09:35 PM:
Is that the fenced in lot at the corner of Howard and Canal Street? I've parked there before on day trips but never overnight. Their is a sign at the entrance that says it's open 7am to 6pm mon-fri and violators will be towed. However there is a sign right under it that says Trail Usage Extended/Overnight Parking. Do you need to register your car somewhere or something? I would hate to go on a trip and come back to find my car had been towed!

Donna from Portland on 06/04/2018 01:33 AM:
We left our car there from 5/17-5/21 while riding from Pittsburgh back to Cumberland. We did not register anywhere. All was well while returned.

lenny on 06/04/2018 05:09 AM:
I have parked a few times at the Ramada for several days.I always cleared it with the front desk.

rdw47 from richmond on 06/04/2018 01:00 PM:
put in Cumberland Trail Connection 14 Howard st. in your GPS. park in the lot right there. just don't park on the row closest to the store. while all the construction is going on they're not collecting a fee.

Mary from Cumberland on 01/10/2016 12:46 PM:
i am looking into developing a historic downtown property in Cumberland as a traditional hostel, mostly dormitory style, with some semi private options, shared baths, laundry, food options, fantastic communal area which would also be open as a day use lounge with grab and go drinks & snacks. I envision the space to also include working artists studios and gallery so it could be a doorway into the culture and historic scene of Cumberland, and a place to meet and make friends .
Please discuss: is this type accommodation needed?, what would guests expect to pay? What features are most important to a great hostel experience?

Shawn Ambrose from Fort Wayne, IN on 01/16/2016 08:28 PM:
When staying in Cumberland, the choice is camping at the Y, or a hotel. I believe a hostel could make sense. Perhaps you could design a survey to gauge interest?

Tom M from Raleigh NC on 02/01/2016 12:01 PM:
I think a hostel would be a great option for staying in Cumberland. It's a convenient stopping/starting point for cyclists riding on the GAP or C&O Canal or riding straight through. We have stayed there twice, once in a B&B and the other time in the Fairfield Inn. Both places were among the most expensive lodgings on our trips from Pittsburgh to DC. What guests would be willing to pay depends on their budgets, but anything less than $100/room/night would be an improvement over other options. However, the hostel in Harpers Ferry has rooms for as low as $35/night with breakfast. Most important features include hot showers, secure place to store or lock bikes, breakfast or at least good coffee, laundry facilities or place to dry clothes.

Rick from Grafton on 02/11/2016 09:29 PM:
I think the Hostel idea is really good. I'd talked to a B&B owner in the past about a secondary property they were going to rehab and open a second B&B. I understand that they could make more ($125 plus per night as opposed to $35 appx. as a B&B than a hostel.)BUT, not every rider can afford a B&B stay but could enjoy several indoor nights along the route at $30/$40 per night. Hosteling International opened a new Hostel in Richmond Va. last Sept. It is located a few miles from the end of the Capital Trail that runs 54 miles from Jamestown, Va. to Richmond, Va. The cost is appx. $35 per person/per night and includes a light breakfast of fruit,granola bars, juice, coffee, etc. Each bunk has a light and outlet/charging dock. There are dorm and private rooms. As far as features go...indoor secure bike storage, towel included or for rent, more than 1-2 bathroom/showers, within walking distance of food, etc. and easy access to and from trail. Good luck.

Tom on 02/14/2016 01:45 PM:
Keep in mind Trail activity for both the C&O and the GAP is very seasonal, so you need to generate enough income to get you through an entire Winter where you may have limited to zero guest. Trail riders and users drop off significantly as temps, time and daylight availability changes. If you have a severe Winter the Trails could be shut with Snow and Ice until April. Many well meaning businesses have come and gone. Just something to think long and hard about. Again, the business is very seasonal. Best of luck in your decision.

Shawn Ambrose from Fort Wayne, IN on 02/14/2016 08:00 PM:
I believe that Mary has addressed this with having a working artist studio and gallery.

Mary should develop a survey on Survey Monkey and place links to the survey on multiple platforms to gauge interest. In addition, I would hope the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce could give her some data on the number of bikers that go through Cumberland.

Tim M. from Cincinnati on 02/16/2016 01:16 PM:
You mentioned the "culture and historic scene of Cumberland". Perhaps Train Nuts (ok, ok , Rail Fans...) might be attracted to your hostel. The hobby has several magazines devoted to it and I see many ads therein (yes, I'm a "Train Nut") for places to stay while on Rail Fan trips. The railroad was of major interest to me on my October 2015 GAP ride from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, music to my ears....

Paul from Quincy, IL on 03/22/2016 05:07 PM:
Tim, I'm sure you know the technical term is "foamer"

AMTRAK and Bicycles
Swagman from LaGrange, GA on 03/17/2013 04:05 PM:
If anyone is planning to transport their bicycle to Cumberland via AMTRAK is in for a rude awakening. Yes you can ship your machine via AMTRAK to Pittsburg or Washington, DC, however you can’t in Cumberland. The reason? There is no AMTRAK (Federal Employee) present to open the baggage car door . Does this sound like bureaucratic nonsense or what? One solution is to pepper your Congressman and Senator with letters demanding that at the next budget hearing, they twist those puny nitwit’s arms into providing a simple soul to open the baggage door or better yet just allow riders to stow their bikes in one of those lower coach sections they use for a crew lounge and occasionally handicap seating for a small fee. Wow! A reasonable solution to a purely simple predicament.

Roy from Middletown on 03/19/2013 07:09 PM:
Simple and Federal are what the academics call "diametrically opposed" terms. Not even east can get farther from west than those two terms are apart.

Syd Hill from Elizabeth City NC on 03/31/2013 09:17 PM:
Have you considered a fold bike. AM Trak policy is you can carry them on the train. Check their website. A tradeoff is u may have to go light. I've done touring on a loaded bike but not a fold bike. I may try this option.

lenny on 04/01/2013 04:25 AM:
I don't believe that that is true of carrying on a folding bike. It doesn't fit the luggage model for AMTRAK. I has been said that some conductors will turn a blind eye to rolling on a bike, but that is taking a chance.

Tom from Denver area on 04/24/2013 07:00 PM:
Sooo - if a "Rider" (Cyclist)JUST wants to say, GO AS FAR AS CUMBERLAND MD or even Sheperdstown - then ride over to Martinsburg WV and catch the train there, back to DC... THEN, what-do-they-do ?! doesn't DC "Mero-trains" allow ya to "roll-on" bikes? ... BUT, Amtrak does NOT [?] ! thx, to whoever can do a lil' elaboration / further commenting on this.

ed from clarksville on 05/14/2013 12:40 PM:
This is a good discussion but on the latest post it's important to note that the train out of Martinsburg that's mentioned is, I believe, a MARC train and MARC only allows fold up bikes and no other types. I wonder: Is there ANYWHERE ON THE CANAL where one can take Amtrak and a bike in the baggage car, getting off to ride back to DC?

lenny on 05/14/2013 07:05 PM:
NO. For the last time. Until Amtrak institutes roll on service.

Paul from Quincy, IL on 07/24/2013 09:52 PM:
To Swagman: I’m as disappointed as anyone about the lack of imagination on Amtrak’s part when it comes to bicycles. But the last thing Amtrak needs is more micro management by congress. Besides, your congress critter is just as likely to try to kill the Capitol Limited as force Amtrak to change their bicycle policy. Now that I think about it, I don’t know of any state supported trains in Georgia.

To Syd Hill: My wife and I have done the Erie Canal Buffalo to Albany, the GAP Pittsburgh to Cumberland and several other tours on our Dahon folders – all via Amtrak.

To Lenny: You are incorrect. My wife and I literally have been all over the country with our folders. The most recent trip was Galesburg, IL – Denver – Oakland – Portland-Seattle - Chicago and back. Once a conductor said we couldn’t board the Southwest Chief in LA with the folders. I just smiled at him and let him solve the problem he had created for himself. He quickly relented.

Amtrak has been sort of promising that when the new Viewliner II baggage cars WITH BIKE RACKS finally go into service, the Capitol Limited will get roll on roll off bike service.

leeny on 07/25/2013 04:16 AM:
Paul I am only referring to Amtrak in regard to the GAP and C&O Towpath, as this is a sight for those trails.

Anonymous on 07/30/2013 09:38 PM:
To Leeny: Your post of May 14 2013 7:05PM is, of course, true. But I meant to respond to your post of Apr 1 2013 4:25AM, where it sounded like you were saying that folding bikes are not allowed on Amtrak in general. I forgot to include a include Cumberland to Chicago trip in 2010 on the Cap. Ltd. which did involve the GAP. The link to the policy is http://www.amtrak.com/bring-your-bicycle-onboard.

Paul from Quincy, IL on 07/30/2013 11:10 PM:
Here is photographic evidence: http://biketrain.x10.mx/MOB/pics/handicap.jpg

The community luggage rack on the City of New Orleans was full; so the sleeping car attendant has us put our folding bikes in the unused handicapped room.

Naismith from Florida on 08/01/2013 12:40 PM:
I dunno, I won't get excited about the train until it is scheduled for a more convenient time. Arriving in Pittsburgh seems late, leaving very early...

If I was traveling alone, I would do Greyhound instead, which has more reasonable timings. And if you have multiple people, a SUV car rental might make sense, even with the cross-state drop-off fees.

Paul from Quincy, IL on 08/01/2013 04:24 PM:
Yes the 5:20AM eastbound departure out of PGH is less than idea. When come from the Midwest, I hope for a late arrival, but so far, no luck. The westbound arrival in PGH at 11:48 is also less than idea. But since I'm heading back to the Midwest, I'm usually sound asleep when we stop there.

It never occurred to me check out the dirty dog, but you got me thinking. So I did; and PGH to Cumberland changing in Baltimore:
Dep 10:30 AM Arr 10:25PM (seems late)
Dep 05:15 AM (seems early) Arr 02:25PM

The Greyhound site shows no service between Cumberland and PGH. But I checked Cumberland to Baltimore and Baltimore to Pittsburg and got:
Dep 09:20 AM Arr 05:50 PM with a 35 minute layover in Baltimore
Dep 05:20 PM Arr 02:25 AM with an 1:10 minute layover in Baltimore.
If you wanted to spend an extra night in Cumberland, the early departure would work. If not Amtrak's 7:26PM to 11:48PM would be my choice.

Paul from Quincy, IL on 08/01/2013 04:30 PM:
Sorry for the typos in the last post. You are probably right about a 1 way car rental for one person. I booked a "compact" one way back to PGH for about $65. But when 2 more joined the trip and I had to change to leaving Cumberland on a Sunday when Hertz is closed, a shuttle from Grouseland tours made sense.

Naismith from Florida on 08/02/2013 08:38 AM:
I wasn't going to Cumberland, so wasn't tuned into that specifically, just the general idea--for those going all the way to DC or one of the Maryland stops (we are going to Frederick) then the bus is an option that should be considered.

Of course with multiple person parties, another option if you have time is to send one person on the train back to the car, and then have them pick everyone else up.

Write your Senator , Congressman or Secretary of T
lenny on 03/20/2013 04:25 AM:
I see these posts year after year about non service on Amtrak. We need bicyclist and hikers to petition the powers that be concerning roll on rail service. This was to happen in July 2011, as I recall.This corridor is behind the times as rail service goes. Write or email today!

Carl Weiss from Chickamauga, GA on 04/21/2011 03:34 PM:
I noticed that the YMCA's camping is not listed. Have they stopped doing that? We stayed there last year. It was $10.00 per person and included access to their pool, gym, showers, and vending machines in the lobby. Just asking.