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Maple Festival Park Campground

120 Meyers Ave

Maple Festival Park Campground is located approximately 0.3 mile from the C&O Canal Trail, in Meyersdale PA

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Maple Festival Park Campground
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Forum Discussions about Maple Festival Park Campground

Maple Festival Park Campground in Meyersdale - Open in April?
Tony C from Indianapolis on 04/19/2024 07:35 PM:
Has anyone cammped at the Maple Festival Park Campground in April? The website says they don't open for camping until May.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 04/19/2024 08:43 PM:
I’ve stayed there a number of times although not in April. The people there are very friendly. In particular, Susie, who meets with and registers arriving bikers is very accommodating. I’m not sure why they state they are not open until May unless that is when they normally turn the water on in the restroom/shower room after winter which would be simple to do.

I’d suggest you try to contact them/her and see if they have already opened or would be willing to do so. I’ve observed several bikers/campers headed to Cumberland from Pittsburgh who would have been interested in staying there and may have. It’s worth a call. If indeed its not going to open until May, there are three or four B&B’s in Meyersdale. While you may already know, the Husky Haven campground in Rockwood has been closed.

Original Hoosier and Decatur Central grad

Maple Festival Park Campground in Meyersdale
Greyhound from KENTWOOD on 07/18/2022 02:30 PM:
I'm looking to bike the GAP this Oct. What is this CG like? Do you recommend it? Is it clean? Safe/

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 07/20/2022 02:31 PM:
Great place for camping. If you arrive early enough, you can claim half of the covered band shell. I saw and used power outlets all along the side of the grass. Showers. Walking distance to restaurants. Can’t ask for a better location.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 07/20/2022 04:54 PM:
GC ???

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 07/20/2022 07:29 PM:
Ignore my earlier question. The title of the message is clear. I agree with John W. The Maple Festival Park Campground in Meyersdale is one of my favorite camping spots for all the reasons John W cites plus there are picnic tables under that theater shell as well as electrical receptacles. There are stores to obtain necessary items there also.

The only drawback is the trek back up the hill to the GAP trail from the campground but it is rideable with appropriate gearing and fitness.