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Gingerbread House B&B

156 Rockdale Road
814-926-2542 / 814-926-4148

Gingerbread House B&B is located on the Great Allegheny Passage, in Rockwood PA

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Forum Discussions about Gingerbread House B&B

Gingerbread House B&B in Rockwood
man910 from DC on 06/13/2023 07:44 PM:
Stayed here on 6/4/2023 after riding from Connellsville. For the price point ($150), I was very disappointed. The owners were not around and "managed" everything remotely. There were no instructions upon arrival except for the code to get into the house. There was no hose (or none offered) to clean your bikes. We found out from someone who was staying there for the night that you had to leave your bikes underneath of an unlocked porch. The rooms only locked from the inside, so basically you are relying on the honesty of small town America that no one steals your belongings and bikes when you leave for dinner.

The 2nd "B" was also apparently missing in the B&B. You have to cook your own breakfast or just eat what is available in the kitchen. With 9 cyclists staying for the night, the pickings were slim. They had no bananas, 6 small "cutie" oranges, and a few apples. There was a dozen eggs, some sausages, some bacon, a bottle of OJ, and enough coffee grinds to make your own coffee. In fairness, I did text the owner back to tell them that there wasn't enough eggs, and they restocked the fridge with 3 dozen eggs and more bacon and sausages. However, there were no bananas. I assume that was due to them not being to get any.

Another gripe is that the room I stayed in, Kayla's Room, had electrical outlets that are very high up on the walls. This is a problem if you need to charge your cell phone, GPS units, etc., for the night. I did notice that the kitchen had a bay of USB ports where you could charge your devices, but that means you will either have to leave it unattended or wait until it's fully-charged. I presume most of their bookings are from cyclists, so it would have been nice if they catered to cyclist needs like providing extension cords to charge our devices and the much-needed hose to wash our bikes.

For the positive... the cleaning service that they use does a very good job. I found that the place was clean but old. I guess everyone has different tastes in home styles. Although it was chilly that night, there was no heat or A/C that you can control in your room like you would at a hotel. The bar of soap was also on the small side. The two of us had to share that and move it between the shower and the sink. Again, at that price point, I thought it was kind of chintzy. However, the towels were the best ones I had on this tour. They were thick like you would have in your own home, and they smelled clean and fresh. The hot water was also sufficient. We didn't run out of hot water in the morning. I was afraid that might happen, assuming everyone took a morning shower.

Gingerbread House B&B in Rockwood
Bill in Houston from Houston on 10/26/2020 02:02 PM:
This was a nice place to stay. We got our key after a short wait while the owner drove over to the house.

We paid up for the Kaylie Room with private bath. The room had two windows and had nice airflow. The bed was comfortable.

There was a little traffic on the road out front, but we still rode our bikes on it for the short distance required.

Bikes are stored under the covered porch. They are outdoors, but covered.

Because of the virus we just had fruit and hot and cold cereal for breakfast.