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Grouseland Tours

Lodging, Camping, Bike Shop, Shuttle, Tour Organizer
Bike Rental
Clearville / Cumberland MD
467 Robinsonville Rd

Grouseland Tours is located approximately 11.9 miles from the C&O Canal Trail, in Clearville MD

Directions: Transportation provided by shuttle.
We offer bike and mountain bike lessons, guided tours, equipment and bike rentals, and access to 100 acres of Pennsylvanian woodland. We also offer full accomodation at a secluded B&B that is only lodges one group/family at a time, in order to provide the fullest service possible. B&B has full kitchen, large deck, grill, television, stocked refridgerator, and easy access to the pond. Finally we shuttle from any point on the trail, to any point on the trail, at the convenience of the customer... we are equipped to handle 4 people and 7 bikes.
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Grouseland Tours
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Forum Discussions about Grouseland Tours

Grouseland Tours in Cumberland
Petrabun from Clayton, Ga on 09/02/2016 10:55 AM:
Called to get information on riding the Great Allegheny Passage, got absolutely no help from a guy who board on rude. Asked for recommended tire size and he said, "I dun't know!"

Anonymous on 09/03/2016 08:02 PM:
Sorry about that.

If you still have the question you might do a search here for previous answers.

My answer (just finished DC to Pittsburgh in 5 days the end of July)....32 mm would be my recommended minimum on the C&O - especially if you get rain and it gets muddy. And if you get rain - IT WILL GET MUDDY.

Personally, I would ride any tire width on the GAP...right down to the 25s that are on my road bike.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the ride!!

Rick from Grafton, Va. on 09/05/2016 08:48 PM:
I've seen pretty much any size bike tire ob the Passage. I've ridden it with my Trek Hybrid 700X38 with no issues. All so rode with my Trek Mamba 29X2" I like a wider tire on the C&O as there are some rough spots and a wider tire is just a better option in my opinion. I wouldn't want anything less than a 38 but that's just me carrying my body weight and gear.

Anonymous on 09/06/2016 11:58 PM:
Given my experiences, I would agree with the previous post about 38s. They are my favorite width for the C&O. Wider feels sluggish to me. Narrower feels too unstable especially if there is any kind of rain. Have ridden on muddy days with 32s but would have liked wider.

Grouseland Tours in Cumberland
Wurfsendungen from Quincy, IL on 02/13/2014 11:54 AM:
I engaged Grouseland to transport 4 in our group (my wife and I with folders took Antrak)back to Pittsburg in September, 2013. Everyone was pleased with the service.,