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Harpers Ferry KOA

343 Campground Road
304-535-6895 / 800-562-9497

Harpers Ferry KOA is located approximately 1.7 miles from the C&O Canal Trail, in Harpers Ferry WV

Directions: Cross the bridge over to Harpers Ferry, follow the road to the visitor's center, and turn left onto Campground Road.
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Harpers Ferry KOA
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Forum Discussions about Harpers Ferry KOA

Harpers Ferry KOA
Barry from Hershey on 10/05/2021 09:41 PM:
Has anyone stayed at the KOA in Harper's Ferry? If so, where do you cross over the Potomac, from the C&O Canal trail? We're considering staying there in a cabin or a tent site. Thanks for your response.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 10/05/2021 10:01 PM:
To get from the C&O Towpath across the river to Harpers Ferry, you have to walk across the pedestrian portion/causeway of the railroad bridge that crosses the Potomac there at Harpers Ferry. To access the pedestrian causeway, you must climb the spiral stairs on the Towpath side of the bridge. You'd likely need to unload your gear from your bike to carry them up the stairs.

Edward from North Carolina on 10/06/2021 06:12 AM:
I stayed next to it last week. It looked nice but, it is a little ways to get there, mostly uphill. Brunswick has a nice campground that is right on the trail. It's 7.5 miles away from Harper's Ferry and the KOA is not quite 6 miles round trip from the trail. Edward

Barry from Hershey on 10/06/2021 08:57 AM:
Thanks for the information. I'm not certain that we'll stay in Harper's Ferry.