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John Butler House

Elizabeth / Buena Vista PA
John Butler House is located 1 mile from the C&O Canal Trail, in Elizabeth PA

John Butler House
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John Butler House in Buena Vista
Paul from Quincy, IL on 09/25/2013 12:26 PM:
I recently stayed here with a group of 6 and found it very nice and not overly yuppyish.

Given the difficulty of finding a beer in Pennsylvania, the snack bar at the nearby 10th hole was a plus.

But the best part was the adjacent restaurant. In addition to the provided breakfast, we had supper there. The food was good, portions huge, and prices reasonable. For breakfast you order whatever you want from the menu; and mine was so large that I had half of it for lunch along the trail.

The only downside was the almost 1 mile ride uphill from the trail.