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Pittsburgh PA on the Great Allegheny Passage

Mile marker 148
Elevation: 755

Bike Shop
Bike Shop
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
Train Station
Train Station
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C&O Canal Trail
Great Allegheny Passage
Western Maryland Rail Trail
Amtrak Pittsburgh Station
1100 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh
Bicycle Heaven
1800 Preble Ave, Pittsburgh
South Side Traveler's Rest
27 S. 6th Street, Pittsburgh
Thick Bikes
62 S 15th St, Pittsburgh
(412) 390-3590
UPMC Walk-in Primary Care Clinic
2000 Mary St, Pittsburgh
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Forum Discussions about Pittsburgh

Paul Kletter from Pittsburgh on 11/03/2018 07:40 PM:
looking for a places to stay in PGH, check out South SIde Travelers Rest. We are able to accommodate up to 30 bikers and are located 2 blocks from a trail head! Check out www.sstrpgh.com

Kieran Dwyer from Brisbane Australia on 12/29/2018 04:29 PM:
Hi Paul, Sorry I never got around to thanking you and Mary Beth for the excellent stay at the South Side Traveler's Rest, last summer. It was the perfect place to start my Journey to Washington DC. Thanks for your advice and local knowledge. This was truly the best adventure I've ever done. I was planning a three day ride to DC but made it in four. I met so many great people along the way. The trail was smooth and very scenic. I didn't want the ride to end. My friends in Australia enjoyed the adventure through the cycling app Strava. I enjoy this forum and I plan to return for another ride. Thanks Kieran Dwyer

Andy from Austin on 08/03/2017 11:51 AM:
Looking for a bike shop to repack my bike into a box for flight home. Looking at October DC-Pitt. Any recommendations? Thanks!

tandemdriver from state college pa on 09/22/2017 09:11 AM:
bike heaven is a shop/museum/curiosity place of all things bicycle. Just north of carnegie science center in Pittsburgh on the 3 rivers heritage trail about 2 mi from the Point. (412)734-4034 These folks will do it or will know who will.

jimt from queens ny on 09/02/2016 07:52 AM:
does any body know of an affordable hotel close to the end of the trail in pittsburgh?

Mookav from Okemos, MI on 09/02/2016 12:27 PM:
There is a Holiday Inn Express south of the 10th st bridge. There are a couple more in that area like SpringHill Suites, Hyatt Place etc within a couple of miles on the same side of the river. Another option is to book away from the trail head. In this case you can book for a cab with facility to transport you and the bike from trail head to the hotel.

Jane Sappington from Macon, MO on 06/02/2016 06:21 PM:
Riding the GAP in October. Plan to park car in Cumberland and ride train back to Pittsburgh to start ride. Any suggestions on hotels or B&Bs close to the train station?

Michael from London on 08/08/2016 05:23 PM:
Hi Jane

I have planned a trip for four of us from Pittsburgh down to Meyersdale and back to Ohiopyle for October 2016. We are getting out of Pittsburgh as early as we can - don't want to knock it, but the first stretch is more industrial archaeology than attractive trail - and stopping at West Newton which is about 33 miles from Pittsburgh start point. We are booked into the Bright Morning Bed and Breakfast, which is right by the trail. Did a recce in the summer and it looks good from outside, and the owner is very friendly. Then we move on 26 miles to Connellsville, to the Fox Castle Bed and Breakfast. We checked that out inside in the summer and it looks good.
I don't know if you are 15 or 50 (or more) miles-a-day person, but if you want more suggestions for places to stay down the trail, we've done the whole GAP and C and O Canal bar the Pittsburgh end.
Best wishes

Michael from the UK

parking for a week
Mark from Lakewood on 05/24/2015 06:54 AM:
Would like to drive to Pittsburgh and leave car there for the week.
1) Parking
Taking train back from DC to Pittsburgh.
2) What is the best place to park for this return type.

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 05/25/2015 01:54 PM:
If it's the Amtrak station, there are ample parking spots near the theatre district which is not far from the station. I'm not sure what weekly rates are at the parking spots in the downtown area but shouldn't be too crazy. You could also ride over the first bridge near Point State Park and park at the big parking ramp near PNC park or Rivers Casino. Can't imagine rates are much of a difference there though. Shouldn't be hard to find available parking though. Might look also into the Sheraton at Station Square which is a short ride from the station.

David from Chapel Hill, NC on 06/08/2015 01:09 PM:
Mark - have you done your trip yet? We're looking to get a rider to Pittsburgh (from DC) July 2nd.

Anonymous on 07/03/2015 09:43 AM:
We roll on Monday July 6 from Pittsburgh. Sorry for the late reply.

David L. Slager from Ashville Ohio on 07/05/2013 09:45 AM:
I am riding bike to Wash. DC and I can not find a phone # or contact about parking in Pittsburgh for a week

lenny on 07/08/2013 05:55 AM:
Find my post of 6/28/13. Scroll down just a bit.

Tyoungs from Pittsburgh, PA on 08/19/2013 01:02 PM:
David, what did you do for parking?