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Route 31 Board and Ski

Bike Shop, Bike Rental
Somerset / PA
3731 Glades Pike

Route 31 Board and Ski is located approximately 7.1 miles from the Great Allegheny Passage, in Somerset PA

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Route 31 Board and Ski
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Route 31 Board and Ski in Confluence
Disappointed on 12/29/2010 10:03 AM:
We rented equipment and it wasn't even checked or fitted but we trusted that they knew what they were doing. When we went to leave one of the workers noticed that two of the same bindings were put on so they needed to adjust, they did and we went on to Seven Springs. Upon arrival after getting into all of our gear, we were unable to hit the slopes because they had given us equipment that didn't match up. They equipment was out of date and had not been made for years. After the amount of money we had already spent on lift tickets, we could not be refunded because we had rented from this wretched place. We called the place and explained what happened and they told us they would call us back. They never did, so we had to go to the place and explain what happened. Even the employees said that the equipment was supposed to be thrown away and never should have been there. They said that it was ridiculous and that it was there fault but proceeded to do nothing because the boss would not allow them to. After arguing we recieved our rental fee back but were still out our entire lift tickets and the two hours we traveled to get there. We now had to travel 2 hours back home, out of money, and upset. When we called the owner he told us too bad and had the nerve to hang up on us just becasue we asked if there was anything he could do. Craig is a real jerk and thinks that just because he owns fast good chains and this dinky rental shop that he can treat people like they are beneath him. When we got legal affairs involved he lied to them and had his employees lie for him as well. It was incredible the way he treated his customers and unfortunately we have not been the only ones. I would never rent from here again and it is a shame that people get away with treating other people badly. Because we could not get the equipment on (and we kept trying) I fell and am now seeing specialists due to a back injury...what a way to spend the holidays!