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SoMD Rider on 10/3/2020 5:48:36 PM:
Does anyone know what the trail conditions are like right now on the C&O and GAP? I am planning to ride from Pittsburgh to DC starting 9 Oct and was wondering if the trail (C&O specifically) is muddy.

TexasTree on 10/4/2020 9:34:29 AM:
Just did the both trails. Conditions great. GAP smooth all the way. C&O not as bad as some make it out to be. 27 ish miles on the "Hancock" bypass trail is paved. 43 miles (73-30 mile markers) is like the GAP smooth. Rest of the C&O has some vibrations but for most part is smooth-ish with the exception of the last 10 miles which will have you dodging water puddles. Google mile marker zero for C&O on google maps to find it - little tricky as it is behind the "boat house". Tip: to stay in Leesburg use Historic Whites Ferry to get across river. For reference: tire size 35mm 70 psi (10 shy of full air)

SoMD Rider on 10/5/2020 8:19:32 PM:
Thanks for the info TexasTree, Looking forward to hitting the trail!