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LHM from Middlesex on 11/1/2020 4:37:18 PM:
Are there many thru riders in the month of November? Do the campsites stay open year round?

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 11/2/2020 7:40:47 PM:
The number of thru-riders is significantly lower in November. After October, the weather becomes cooler and often cold. For example, today, the morning temperature here in Pittsburgh was right about the freezing mark and only increased to the low 40's by mid-afternoon. Indeed there was a dusting of snow at daybreak. In the higher elevations of the trail, I expect the temperatures were colder yet. As I rode the portion of the GAP trail leaving Pittsburgh today, I only saw a handful of riders, none of whom were thru riders. As for campsites, all the free campsites are available year round albeit, any available water at them may be shut off as winter approaches. As for the pay campsites, you should check with them ahead of time determine their status and services available.

John W. from Pittsburgh,PA on 11/3/2020 10:35:43 AM:
Has Big Savage Tunnel closed for the season? That is also an obstacle if it’s shut for winter, brutal detour.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/3/2020 1:22:27 PM:
Trail will be closed from McKeesport to Buena Vista starting Nov 16, according to the Facebook page post today.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 11/3/2020 9:13:16 PM:
Following up on Bill's comment is the following information provided on the GAP webpage. Note this is not a short outage but rather 5 or more months. OCT 30 2020 | Winter Construction to Close 10-Mile Section near Boston The Regional Trail Corporation, which owns and manages significant sections of the Great Allegheny Passage between Homestead and Connellsville, announced that it will close the GAP to all travelers between mile marker 120.9 (the Buena Vista trail access area and parking lot) and mile marker 131.1 (where the GAP crosses Liberty Way in Port Vue, near McKeesport), beginning November 16, 2020. This closure is planned to last for five months – at least until April 15, 2021, and perhaps slightly longer depending on winter weather and the progress of contractors. There is no posted or easy detour, as nearby roads are hilly and narrow. We will keep www.gaptrail.org updated on progress as we receive updates from the Regional Trail Corporation. This closure will allow contractors deployed by Elizabeth Township to install municipal sewer lines underneath the GAP for approximately nine miles. Long-term benefits include the replacement or repair of culverts that divert stormwater runoff under the GAP, and a complete trail resurfacing between Boston and Buena Vista. Our best advice to thru-riders, aside from shortening your trip, is to arrange a shuttle between McKeesport and Buena Vista. The following businesses may be able to serve you: Bill’s Car Service (412-855-4484), Wilderness Voyagers (800-272-4141), or 2 Wheel Escapes (240-674-7626).

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 11/3/2020 9:19:05 PM:
Typically the Big Savage Tunnel is closed the first week of December. That said, I have not seen a specific date for its closure this year.

DNap from Richmond, VA on 11/4/2020 11:05:57 PM:
I just finished the C&O DC to Cumberland in 4 days from Oct 31 to Nov 3. All the H/B campsites are open, but they remove the water pump handles mid-Nov. I’m in Cumberland now and will attempt the GAP Cumberland to Pittsburgh on Nov 6th. From my research, there aren’t any free campsites in the first 80 miles out of Cumberland. Some private campgrounds close their tent areas on the last day of October and require you book a cabin, hut, shelter or some indoor space. With that being said, campsites are either going to be limited or spaced out on the GAP compared to the C&O in November.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/5/2020 10:16:03 AM:
There is a camping area in Confluence, ~ 60 miles from Cumberland. Whether it will be open, I could not say. Outflow Camping Area 1579 Mae West Rd, Confluence, PA 15424 recreation dot gov I would think that the dude who runs Trailside Inn in Frostburg would let you camp there, even if all you do is slide money under his door. There's Husky Haven in Rockwood.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 11/5/2020 9:11:18 PM:
Regarding the upcoming winter closure of the GAP between PortVue and Buena Vista, there is an alternate, albeit not easy route between the two. First one can ride from McKeesport to Boston PA via the McKeesport Loop which is on the other side of the Youghiogheny River from the formal GAP Trail. From Boston you can ride Renzie Road to Greenock/Buena Vista Road to Buena Vista to continue on the GAP Trail. That said, these roads are rather narrow and the first 1.2 miles on Renzie Road has a average uphill average grade of over 7% with a maximum grade of 12%.

DNap from Richmond,VA on 11/7/2020 5:38:19 PM:
The outflow campgrounds don’t accept any reservations until next season. I stayed at the Husky Havem Campgrounds in a tent. I think the best way to tackle camping the first 70 miles is to call the campgrounds to see if they are open, whether they are operating at limited capacity and what they will have available. Husky Haven was mostly closed down, but they managed to help set me up and opened up one of their chemical toilets and a jug of water since they closed their water and locked their toilets on Oct 31. The Hiker/Biker Campground at Ohiopyle was supposed to open this fall but was pushed back due to COVID. I’m staying at Kentuck Campgrounds and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you plan on spending more time in Ohiopyle. That incline trail to get to the campgrounds is no joke. At least 25% incline for a 1/4-1/2 a mile from the trailhead to depending on your campsite location.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 11/7/2020 6:11:23 PM:
Where is the “Hiker/Biker” campground at Ohiopyle? I’m aware of the state park there but not a free H/B campground?

DNap from Richmond,VA on 11/7/2020 6:19:09 PM:
I’m not sure where they will put it. It’s mentioned in the GAP and C&O Trail guide as planned for Fall 2020. I called the park and they said they halted all plans on developing it due to COVID. I went through half of the Ohiopyle segment today and there is a space on the right if you’re riding from Confluence (on the south side of the park approx less then 5 miles from Ohiopyle) that has tables and looks reminiscent of the H/B pulloffs on the C&O. No toilets or water pump though. They may develop it there?

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 11/7/2020 8:56:56 PM:
Dnap: Thanks for that info. I need to look into it further. It would be great to have an H/B campsite in that area to make a 2-day self-supported trip to Cumberland a good option.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/9/2020 11:47:01 AM: