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Reply to Trail surface between Hancoock and Cumberland?
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Kevin from St. Michaels, MD on 2/10/2021 11:05:34 PM:
Does anyone know how the trail surface is between Hancock and Cumberland? Is it crushed limestone , dirt, etc? I'm wondering which bike(tire size) to use for an overnighter this spring. Thank you for your time!

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 2/11/2021 10:23:09 AM:
The Towpath surface itself between, Cumberland and Hancock is basically compacted native earth with some sporadic gravel. There are sections with roots and rocks as well. Couple that with having to take the bypass up and over the PawPaw Tunnel this year and its my least favorite portion of the trip from Pittsburgh to DC. If it is dry it’s rideable even on a road bike with narrow, say 28 or 32 mm, tires. However, if it’s wet, it is a much more challenging and less pleasant ride through puddles and mud. Under those conditions, wider knobby tires would be safer and more effective. You do have the option however of leaving the Towpath to Hancock just beyond 15 Mile Creek by transferring to the paved Western Maryland Rail Trail (WMRT) that parallels the Towpath into and beyond Hancock.