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Reply to Bike Tickets on Amtrak (DC to PIT)
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John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 4/2/2021 5:34:23 PM:
I just spoke with a super friendly and helpful Amtrak Reservation agent over the phone. I was looking online and kept seeing “Sold Out” for Bicycle tickets on every date I attempted and getting frustrated. So I decided rather than to keep searching and coming up empty, I would just call and see if they could locate tickets for me. It worked. I simply asked them what dates in June still had bike tickets available going from DC to PIT on the Capitol Limited. They were able to quickly pull up the information and I ended up reserving the first date they mentioned, the last ticket available for that date. I was curious about how many tickets were still remaining so I asked them about other dates in the month of June and they said the only ones remaining were the following dates: June 22 - 1 ticket June 24 - 2 tickets June 29 - 2 tickets I didn't ask about the rest of the summer (July or August) as I didn’t want to waste anymore of their time, but feel free to call and speak to an agent. Their number is 1-800-872-7245. I probably waited 8-10 minutes on hold. They also mentioned that there are no tickets available *before* June 22. This information is for DC to PIT only, I did not ask about the other direction. If you're wanting a Bicycle ticket ("Roll-on, Roll-off") to ride GAP/C&O this summer, I wouldn't wait too much longer to reserve, what little they have seem to be going pretty fast!