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Shuttle from Cumberland to Pittsburgh

Gary Z from Unity, ME on 5/3/2021 4:55:42 PM:
Planning a GAP trail ride towards the latter part of May. I am hoping to leave my car in Cumberland and arrange for a shuttle to Pittsburgh. I've had no luck finding a one way car rental. And a few of the shuttle services don't seem to be operating right now (season or Covid?) I did find one that will shuttle but at a price of $275 per person. Any help out there? Thanks.

Barry from Hershey on 5/3/2021 6:31:17 PM:
We rent a vehicle at Enterprise in Cumberland. You can leave your car there and take the rental vehicle, with bike and gear, to the Enterprise in downtown Pittsburgh.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 5/3/2021 7:46:33 PM:
While its a longer drive to Pittsburgh from Maine, you might find more options to locate a one-way rental in Pittsburgh and drive to Cumberland and ride back to Pittsburgh if you can't find a rental in Cumberland. Not your best option I'm sure.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 5/5/2021 1:24:56 PM:
We rented at Enterprise in Pittsburgh and drove to Cumberland and dropped off at the Enterprise there. It was pretty cheap. The trail goes very close to the Enterprise store, so we jumped on there and rode ~1 mile down to the center of Cumberland.