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Indy Rider from Indianapolis on 5/19/2021 12:01:37 PM:
Apologies if this has been addressed before...I tried using the search function, but it never provided any results. We are a group who will be arriving in three cars to ride Meyersdale>DC. We are leisurely riders, so are planning on being gone 10 days. Is there anyone who frequents this forum who might have insight into where we might arrange to park our cars in Meyersdale for that length of time? Any safety precautions? Obviously, a car break-in can happen just about anywhere any time, but we are hoping to find a place that is relatively safe and where we will not be towed. Thanks in advance for any info.

John W. from Pittsburgh,PA on 5/19/2021 1:27:43 PM:
You can park at the Meyersdale Area Historical Society, it’s a stones throw from the trail. Also, on the official GAP map, it’s marked with a “P” for Parking at this location so it’s a place you can park for trail access. Since you’ll be leaving your car for more than a day, you could/should contact them and ask about weeklong parking just to make sure they won’t tow. I don’t believe they would tow but better to ask and alert them. Their number is 814-634-8654. They have a web page also and it says “free parking”. Have a great trip. John

Indy Rider from Indianapolis on 5/20/2021 10:03:05 AM:
Thank you for your response, the Meyersdale Area Historical Society turned out to be the perfect solution! They said we could provide our license numbers and contact info, which would be faxed to the local police. The parking lot is patrolled, apparently.

Kurut on 5/25/2021 10:48:01 PM:
Thank you for the answer John W and for asking the question Indy! I just had to rearrange my entire trip due to a family issue and this was super helpful now that I'm starting in Meyersdale instead of Pittsburgh.