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Bay Farms B&B in Williamsport

Erin from Washington, PA on 6/7/2021 6:28:21 PM:
Jessie and Bay Farms B&B are AMAZING!!! My 16 year old son and 77 year old father ended up in a pickle near Williamsport! Not only was Jessie able to go grab them off the trail for me, but she was able to give me a check in and text me back as to how they were doing!!! After a long day in the sun with some bike issues - all was well and both were fine - nothing a little rest, food, water and a good nights sleep couldn’t cure! She was SO helpful, I cannot say enough good things. Such a relief - especially to a worried mother/daughter feeling helpless back in PA near Pittsburgh!!! The report back to me about the stay at the B&B was that it was just as amazing as the owners! If Williamsport is one of your stops for the night…stay here - they are WONDERFUL!!!!

Sallie from Lockport NY on 6/9/2021 3:30:50 PM:
We stayed at Bay Farms in June 2020 and also had a great experience. Would highly recommend.