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wnybubba from Bflo/Roc NY on 7/15/2021 8:57:32 AM:
I'm wondering if camping is allowed at Locks (or Lockhouses) along the C&O. Do you have to camp at the designated camping area or is it allowed in other places. In planning, I was looking at a couple places that looked like they would be great -- one with parking.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 7/16/2021 9:09:26 PM:
As you no doubt know, you can make reservations at and stay overnight in selected lock houses. However, I’m not aware that you are permitted nor have I seen outdoor camping at any of the lock houses. For information, most do not have toilet facilities or water. To confirm their rules about camping there I would suggest you contact the National Park Service. I doubt it is permitted but there is no harm in asking.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 7/17/2021 10:43:50 AM:
Additionally I found a list of public, private and commercial camping locatons along the C&O and GAP at: https://gaptrail.org/before-you-go/camping/ That list contains the following camping locations: Mile Marker Campground Name Campground Type C&O Mile 11.5 Marsden Tract Public, but Limited to Civic and Scout Groups C&O Mile 16.6 Swains Lock Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 26.1 Horsepen Branch Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 30.5 Chisel Branch Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 34.4 Turtle Run Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 38.2 Marble Quarry Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 42.5 Indian Flats Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 47.6 Calico Rocks Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 50.3 Bald Eagle Island Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 54.0 Brunswick Family Campground Commercial C&O Mile 62.9 Huckleberry Hill Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 69.4 Antietam Creek Public C&O Mile 75.2 Killiansburg Cave Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 79.2 Horseshoe Bend Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 82.7 Big Woods Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 90.9 Opequon Junction Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 95.2 Cumberland Valley Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 101.2 Jordan Junction Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 110.0 North Mountain Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 110.4 McCoys Ferry Public C&O Mile 116.0 Licking Creek Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 120.6 Little Pool Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 126.0 White Rock Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 129.9 Leopards Mill Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 133.6 Cacapon Junction Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 139.2 Indigo Neck Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 140.9 Fifteen Mile Creek Public C&O Mile 141.0 Little Orleans Campground Commercial C&O Mile 144.5 Devil’s Alley Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 149.4 Stickpile Hill Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 154.1 Sorrel Ridge Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 156.0 Paw Paw Tunnel Public C&O Mile 157.4 Purslane Run Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 162.1 Town Creek Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 164.8 Potomac Forks Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 169.1 Pigmans Ferry Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 173.3 Spring Gap Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 175.3 Irons Mountain Hiker-Biker C&O Mile 180.1 Evitts Creek Hiker-Biker GAP Mile 0.0 Cumberland YMCA Commercial GAP Mile 15.5 Trail Inn Lodging and Campground Commercial GAP Mile 31.9 Maple Festival Park Primitive Campground Commercial GAP Mile 43.8 Husky Haven Campground and Guesthouse Commercial GAP Mile 61.4 Youghiogheny Dam Outflow Campground Public GAP Mile 61.4 Paddler’s Lane Campground Commercial GAP Mile 72.6 Kentuck Public GAP Mile 89.4 Connellsville Hiker-Biker Hiker-Biker GAP Mile 92.0 KOA at River’s Edge Commercial GAP Mile 99.6 Roundbottom Hiker-Biker Hiker-Biker GAP Mile 110.2 Cedar Creek Hiker-Biker Hiker-Biker GAP Mile 110.3 Cedar Creek Park Public GAP MIle 114.1 GAP Trail Campground Commercial GAP Mile 122.6 Dravo Hiker-Biker Hiker-Biker Of note there are no lockhouses listed as campsites.

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc NY on 7/22/2021 8:15:27 PM:
@Rivnuts -- Thanks much appreciated. Not exactly the same at the Erie Canalway where we pretty much depend on being able to campout at most locks. Looking around on Google Maps (surprisingly the C&O is all there) several of the areas and grassy areas near parking lots look to be decent places to camp. Also the difference from the Erie is that the hiker/biker camps are not near towns. NP -- just makes planning more important.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 7/22/2021 9:15:30 PM:
I didn't realize you could camp at the locks along the Erie Canalway. That opens up a lot of flexibility in trip planning across that trail. Since many of the locks there are still in operation, the areas around them are generally very well maintained. Thanks for that info.