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Route recommendations

BQ from DC on 8/1/2021 10:13:21 AM:
Hey all. I know various versions of this question have probably been asked over and over, but I want to get some recommendations tailored specifically to my itinerary. A friend and I are planning a trip for Labor Day weekend. Due to his flights, we’re looking at a half-ish day Thursday (gets in early morning on Thursday), full days Fri and Sat, then half-ish day on Sunday (leaves early morning Monday). We’re both fit so mileage and terrain are not major concerns (although we’re not necessarily looking to crush miles just for the heck of it). We have full bikepacking kits so the plan is to camp. I’m mostly open to any section of the C&O and/or GAP. I do live in DC but am willing to drive out from the city if it means a much more scenic or enjoyable trip (but driving all the way to Pittsburgh may be a stretch unless it’s REALLY worth it).. Any recommendations of sections that will work well for us?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/2/2021 12:13:11 PM:
I'd hop on at Meyersdale and head toward Pittsburgh. Maybe you make it to Roundbottom, Cedar Creek Park, or the GAP Trail Campground in West Newton.