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C&O and GAP May 2022

Chris from Chicago on 12/9/2021 4:50:44 PM:
Planning Pittsburgh to Great Falls/DC in mid May. Six days, hotels, restaurants, no camping. Anyone planning a similar ride? Advice?

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 12/9/2021 7:56:39 PM:
I'm not currently planning the trip you've outlined, i.e. Pittsburgh to Great Falls (aka Seneca) over six days but have made a handful of trips between Pittsburgh and DC in recent years. Hence if I were making your trip a couple of itinerary options you might consider with daily mileage listed are as follows: 00 Pittsburgh 46 Perryopolis 58 Rockwood 44 Cumberland 60 Hancock 52 Shepherdstown 58 Great Falls (Seneca) 00 Pittsburgh 59 Connellsville 57 Meyersdale 60 Paw Paw 57 Williamsport 45 Brunswick 31 Great Falls (Seneca) You can look under the "Towns and Services" tab in this forum for lodging and restaurant options in each of the overnight destinations. I've stayed and eaten at several of them. Depending on budget and preferences your choices may be quite different from mine. I'm sure others will have some other suggestions as well. May is a great month to make the trip. Not too hot and not too cold and accommodations are a little easier to get before the peak summer touring season.