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Campsite reservations

J on 12/29/2021 3:44:56 PM:
A group of about 10 of us are bikecamping the GAPCO from Pittsburgh to Richmond next June, and I am trying to figure out the recreation.gov campsites. We each carry a small 1-person tent, so how many campsites should I reserve for this?? I see the notes for group campsites, but that seems to be for those coming with cars and more stuff. Any guidance appreciated.!!!!

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 12/29/2021 10:33:02 PM:
The Recreation.gov website does not appear to be the most useful in locating campsites along the GAP and C&O Towpath. In general, for the free campsites along both trails, there are no stipulated limits because there are no uniquely designated/numbered campsites within these. The one exception to this that comes to mind is Swain’s Lock H/B campsite near DC which has 5 numbered campsites. For the pay-to-stay campsites it depends on the operator. These include private campgrounds (e.g. KOA/YMCA), state and federal parks (e.g. Corps of Engineers and National Park Service). The limits vary between these and you’d need to research/contact these for the answer to each. The various webpages for each of these trails provide the best and most targeted resources to find the free and pay-to-stay campsites. I can provide some links to these if needed or specific options knowing your itinerary/overnight locations.

Edward from North Carolina on 12/30/2021 6:26:29 PM:
Hi there, If you look under the campsite details it will tell you the maximum occupants. Some may have 6 or 8 max. occupants, but I think you might be pressed to set up that many tents in the space that is provided. The Spring Gap and Antietam Creek campgrounds on the C&O had plenty of space, so you could probably set up ten tents in two sites. The Outflow Campground space was more limited so you might get three tents in the provided space. It might be better for you to get a group campsite, I saw Scout Troops using those on my trip last year. Have a great trip, Edward