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Fabio from Sheekago on 5/18/2022 10:02:22 PM:
Rode C&O from Cumberland to Little Orleans today. Route mostly dry, firm and very passable. Some puddles and mud but very avoidable and not an issue. Hiked over Paw Paw tunnel on the well marked trail. A bit steep but very doable provided your not pushing a massively loaded bike. The trail has some 14% incline so a really heavy bike can be a challenge. The hike is 90% dry. Minor mud. The path east of Paw Paw is neglected and overgrown but easily passable, dry and firm. The camp sites are pretty dank and buggy. Enjoyable and easy ride.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 5/19/2022 3:26:51 AM:
Fabio: Thanks for your clear description of the trail conditions in those trail sections. If you are riding on toward Shepherdstown and Dam 4 after the WMRT drop us a note on those trail conditions if you get a chance. Thanks.

Fabio from Shekago on 5/19/2022 11:39:07 PM:
Williamsport tonight. Head east to Harpers Ferry tomorrow with anecdotal reports of mud, mud and detours. Supposed to be hotter than a $2 pistol tomorrow. Look for updates.

TomD from Vienna on 5/20/2022 9:24:51 PM:
Ciao Fabio, If it helps, I’m headed out on a TransAm in the morning! Misery loves company? A presto! And Rivnuts is doing some GAP blast also!