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Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 6/15/2022 1:12:34 PM:
In response to questions about availability of water along the GAP Trail, I prepared the following list of free water locations. This list does not include locations where you can purchase water or not within eyesight of the trail. GAP Free Water Locations From Pgh to Cumberland LOCATION TYPE MP REMARKS Point State Park Fountain 148 Near Restrooms Kennywood Park Spigot 137 Trailside McKeesport Fountain 132 At Marina Boston Fountain 128 Ballfield RF Fence Dravo Cemetary Hand Pump 122 Trailside Buena Vista Fountain 120 Trailside West Newton Fountain 114 At Train Station Cedar Creek Park Spigot 110 Trailside @ Camp Sites Whitsett Spigot 104 Trailside at Pavilion Roundbottom Camp Hand Pump 100 Trailside Non-Potabl Connellsville Fountain 89 Trailside @ Campsite Ohiopyle Fountain 72 Trailside @ Station Confluence Restroom 61 At Outfall Campground Rockwood Fountain 44 Trailside at Infobooth Meyersdale Fountain 32 Trail @ Train Station Frostburg Fountain 16 Trailside at Pavilion I invite other riders to add to or correct this list.