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Donges Drive In & Motel in Meyersdale

LM from Washington DC on 7/19/2022 8:29:04 AM:
An adored favorite of mine. Lovely people. Get “John’s Breakfast”, a massive pile of delicious calories (with real maple syrup!) that will dramatically increase your chances of biking all the way back up the steep hill to the trail.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 7/19/2022 6:01:11 PM:
You can't go wrong having breakfast at the GI Day Room Coffee Shop on Main Street either although you'll still have to ride back up the hill to get back to the GAP Trail.

Anonymous from John W. on 7/20/2022 9:35:15 PM:
And Donges has super cheap ice cream cones, shakes, and sundaes. No cyclist can resist. ;/)

Terry from Baltimore on 8/1/2022 1:19:20 PM:
A shout out to Donges as a Motel also. My traveling partner felt it looked a little "sketchy" at first, but nothing else was available that day. In the end we both felt it was just fine. Above all, it was clean. The people were nice. And a great value. If you do not want their style of food, there are several places within walking distance. I would definitely recommend it.