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GAP Maintenance Article

John W. from Pittsburgh,PA on 7/20/2022 3:36:07 PM:
Interesting article from the Pittsburgh Trib about the volunteers that keep local trails in top-top shape, including the GAP. If you’re looking to get involved or donate some volunteer hours somewhere, you’ll get no better satisfaction than giving back to your local trail. Whether it be clearing low hanging branches, mowing grass, cutting trees, painting benches/picnic tables, weed wacking, filling in washed out gravel, removing fallen trees, etc., these organizations would love to have you. And as the article states, some of the volunteers are getting on in age and need younger people to take over. https://triblive.com/local/regional/stepping-up-volunteers-donate-thousands-of-hours-of-time-maintaining-the-regions-myriad-hiking-biking-trails/ John

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 7/28/2022 12:46:02 PM:
The part of the article that really surprised me (could be the same for any local trail really) is just how few people keep it all together: “Despite having more than 8,000 registered council members, Thompson said she estimates 80 people volunteer regularly.” I was surprised to see that number so low. Just 1% of trail members are keeping it in riding shape.