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Rental E Bikes from Cumberland to D.C.

Zachary from Silver Spring, MD on 7/26/2022 4:31:03 PM:
Hi all, I last did the trail in 2013. My wife and I are looking to rent e-bikes in Washington D.C, take the train up to Cumberland, and ride the bikes back down. Is anyone aware of services that do that? Thanks,

Aunika Johnson from Fort Lauderdale on 7/27/2022 8:53:25 PM:
You need to make sure Not to get Fat tire bikes. They the trains are not set up for that. I am coming from Florida with my bike which as 4 inch fat tires. I wound up putting my bike in the rack and bringing my car up to DC in order to use the train. They are not up to speed on transporting electric bikes via train. Best bet call Amtrak when you have the specification of your rentals.