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Lodging Reservations

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Anonymous on 8/25/2022 12:35:50 PM:
We are planning do ride from Pittsburgh to DC the last week in September. We don't want to camp but stay at B&B, hotels etc. Is it necessary to reserve lodging or is it typically not an issue finding a bed for the night? Ideally we would like to be flexible in our schedule and not lock in all the accomodations upfront.

Anonymous on 8/25/2022 3:09:45 PM:
Some places like Ohiopyle have very limited non-camping options that sell out well in advance and thus you could be out of luck in those locations.
In the larger towns it will likely come down to your willingness to have limited options and pay higher prices for short notice reservations.

I'm more of a planner and would rather know I have a place to lay my head.

Good luck!

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/25/2022 3:54:27 PM:
I agree. In any given place where you want to stay, there might be 2 rooms or 8 rooms in a 10 mile radius. If someone is having a family reunion or the quilt festival is in town, you could be out of luck. We always reserve our room for every stop for our trip months ahead.

Elizabeth from Columbia SC on 10/16/2022 9:02:47 AM:
My husband and I are planning to ride Pittsburg to DC in May 2023 and stay in B&B/hotels. Would love to know your itineraries. I am starting the planning now.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 10/16/2022 9:29:51 AM:
How many days are you planning to make the trip? That will affect a suggested itinerary.

Elizabeth from Columbia SC on 10/16/2022 6:31:50 PM:
We are planning on riding 6 to 7 days. We have also looked at possibly doing it in 5 or 6 days.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 10/17/2022 4:47:57 PM:
Below is an itinerary for a 5-day (average 30miles/day) trip starting in Pittsburgh with each overnight town shown with the daily mileage to each indicated. Each of these overnight towns has BnB’s and/or hotels that cater to cycling tourists as well as restaurants albeit some have more and better restaurant choices than others.

West Newton 35
Connellsville 25
Confluence 28
Meyersdale 29
Cumberland 32

You can find options for overnight accommodations in each town using the Town Services tab on this Bikecando website as well as the Trail Guide book.

Elizabeth from Columbia SC on 10/17/2022 8:55:34 PM:
Thank you. We are going from Pittsburgh to DC. I am not sure which parts might be more difficult and do less mileage on those days and which parts might be easier, and we can ride more. We are looking at 5-7 days riding and not sure what makes sense.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 10/17/2022 9:21:12 PM:
With the prospective 5-day itinerary I noted, the last day to Cumberland is, by far, the easiest as the last 23.5 miles is noticeably downhill. The first day is the longest because there are very few places to stay after leaving Pittsburgh until you get to West Newton. However, nineteen of those miles leaving Pittsburgh are paved but there are some bridge overpasses and a couple of uphill grades along the way.

Noble Invention Bike Touring offers various GAP tours of different durations. You could contact them to simplify the planning and reservation process.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 10/17/2022 9:39:42 PM:
Ignore my recent posts as I failed to read your post accurately. I see you are planning to ride all the way from Pittsburgh to DC not just to Cumberland.

A 6-day ride from Pittsburgh to DC might use the following itinerary:

Connellsville 60
Meyersdale 57
Paw Paw 60
Williamsport 57
Brunswick 45
DC 55

Under normal, dry conditions none of these segments are particularly more difficult than the others. If conditions are wet, the trail between Cumberland and Little Orleans can be quite muddy and soft and therefore more arduous.

Elizabeth from Columbia SC on 10/18/2022 6:51:22 PM:
Thank you! I will take a look at that itenary.