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McKeesport Trail Parking in McKeesport

RCM from Los Alamos on 1/21/2023 10:58:04 PM:
This parking lot looks large. Would I be allowed to park here for a 10-day ride? Is there any concern about security?

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 1/22/2023 8:52:51 AM:
It is a quite large parking lot adjacent to the City of McKeesport Police and Fire stations many of whose members’ cars and spare police vehicles park. While there may be an “Overnight Parking Only” sign there, I highly doubt or ever heard of any enforcement since the lot is rarely more than, say, 20% full. (I’ll look for such a sign the next time I ride by there.). If you do park there, park up nearer the firehouse where the policemen and firemen park their personal cars and walk in and through that area regularly. It should be as secure there as anywhere as long as you take the normal precautions such as removing anything of value inside from sight.