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Point State Park Detour

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 1/25/2023 6:04:48 PM:
Take from the GAP Website: "Beginning February 1, contractors will completely overhaul the section of the Great Allegheny Passage connecting Point State Park with the Monongahela Wharf in 2023, rerouting the GAP along the Monongahela River, removing the narrow “pinch point” obstruction caused by highway piering, and eliminating a section of trail contiguous with the parking lot behind the state park offices. Look for long-awaited improvements to this short section's surface, width, grade, lighting, and line of sight. During construction, the GAP will be closed between the Monongahela Wharf Switchback and Point State Park, and travelers must use an alternate on-street route including bike lanes through Downtown Pittsburgh. For details, visit www.gaptrail.org."

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 1/27/2023 7:14:23 AM:
Long overdue so this is great news. Sounds like the route will be more obvious to riders as the current design has a lack of signs/paint instructing riders on how to negotiate this small section. Looking forward to the removal of the “pinch point” as well. Thanks for posting this! John

Bill in Houston from Houston on 1/27/2023 5:24:07 PM:
Oh, man, I hope the detour isn't too terrifying. When we got to that point, I was so glad that someone had posted a video of how to navigate that spot. No telling where we would have ended up if not. Glad they are cleaning it up!

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 1/28/2023 6:54:18 AM:
I rode through that area yesterday before the current route is closed. Initial work had begun and the new route between Point State Park and the Mon Wharf was apparent. The new section runs closer to the river and is a little more direct. With just a little signage or markings, it should be more intuitive , less confusing and more safe as long as the resident Canadian geese don’t move to the new route as well. We all know what impact they have on bike paths. :-) Personally, I won’t use the published detour through town during construction but the published detour is probably safer with less traffic for those not familiar with the downtown area.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 1/31/2023 9:37:24 AM:
For those that may want to use a bike computer gps file route (not that it is necessary) to follow the designated detour illustrated in the GAP website article to and from Point State Park from the formal GAP Trail, I have created a .fit file at Ridewithgps.com website of that detour. It can be found at that website by searching routes using the search words "Point State Park 2023 Access Detour". Once located you can export it to your bike computer.

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 2/2/2023 10:29:32 AM:
Thanks Rivnuts, that route in Ride with GPS gives a nice visual to negotiate the detour!

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 2/2/2023 9:41:12 PM:
While riding through Point State Park today I saw a sign just placed at the literal Point showing a recommended detour out of and into the park from the formal GAP Trail at Smithfield Street downtown. It is slightly different than what is shown in the GAP website news of the detour. A bike computer gps .fit file reflecting that signage can also be found on the RideWithGPS website by searching for the route name: "Point State Park 2023 Access Detour Per Sign in the Park" Note the .fit file is for the outbound direction. It is only slightly different than the other version. Note the inbound route is via Fort Pitt Boulevard and Wood Street and the outbound route is via Smithfield Street.