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Lodging in Hancock, MD

John Walker from Little Orleans on 4/14/2023 5:51:40 PM:
FYI Lodging in Hancock, MD Super 8 Motel just up the street from the Pizza Hut. North End Liquor store is just north on Limestone Road. Hancock Motel across US 522 from the Potomac River Gill. 1828 Trail Inn B&B on Main Street very close to Buddy Lou's Restaurant. C&O Bicycle Bunkhouse in back of shop on Berm/Canal Street.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 4/15/2023 9:40:20 PM:
Thanks John. It was good to get a local, accurate update of the services in Hancock and Little Orleans as the new biking season begins. Personally I'll miss Weavers. It went downhill fast after the original owners got out of the business. Is Dave's daughter now operating the Town Hill Inn? I enjoyed my stay there whea few years ago when Dave still owned and ran the Inn.

John Walker from Little Orleans on 4/26/2023 5:05:54 PM:
I have no idea, but I'll swing by Town Hill and ask when I'm out near Bellegrove.

man910 from DC on 5/12/2023 5:37:04 PM:
I left voice and email messages for 1828 Trail Inn B&B but they never returned them. However, I continued to call and finally spoke to someone. Therefore, I can confirm that their number (301-678-7227) is active. They must be very busy or not very responsive. I just also received an email from them about an hour after talking to them, so their email (info@1828-trail-inn.com) also works.