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Mud on Paw Paw detour

Terry from Baltimore on 5/22/2023 2:35:33 PM:
Be advised: After rain, the DC side of the Paw Paw Tunnel detour can have SERIOUS mud. We were there Sat, May 6. No shuttle down because there was no work that day. Must have rained the previous day or 2. Real, sloppy mud on DC side. Not "muddy". Thick, sloppy mud. No thought of riding at all for much of that slope.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 6/3/2023 7:51:28 PM:
Today, a rider approaching Pittsburgh from DC told me that the contractor's shuttle on the downriver side of the Tunnel Bypass has been discontinued. They said the contractor's work at the top of the Tunnel Bypass is complete and thus he no longer operates the shuttle even though the trail itself is still closed. They used Dan, the owner of the hostel in Paw Paw, to shuttle them around the closed section of the trail.