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GAP Reroute Entering Point State Park to Reopen on September 27

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Rivnuts from Homestead PA on 9/7/2023 6:01:59 AM:
It was reported today that this summer’s construction work to reroute the GAP entrance into Point State Park will reopen on September 27. This work eliminates but parallels the narrow path from the Mon Wharf Parking Lot into Point State Park. With the opening of this new trail section, the temporary GAP route along downtown Pittsburgh streets will no longer be required.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 9/21/2023 12:12:28 PM:
Recent correspondence confirms that the path is still closed but still planned to be open on 27th.

Rivnuts from Homestead PA on 9/21/2023 9:56:24 PM:
I rode by there today and it was still closed but crews were working to finish installation of a railing as well as clean up the construction area. I would expect it to reopen on or before 9/27 as reported.

Bill: I’ve crossed paths with two gentlemen from Houston on the GAP within the last week. Neither happened to be you by chance was it? If so, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 9/22/2023 10:37:57 AM:
Not me, Riv! Trust me, if I meet anyone on the trail within 30 miles of Pittsburg, I will ask if it's you.

Rivnuts from Homestead PA on 9/27/2023 9:36:59 AM:
While construction of the GAP Trail reroute into/out of Point State Park appears complete for use, the GAP website revised the reopening date from today to mid-October. The detour through downtown street bike lanes to connect Point State Park and the GAP Trail at Smithfield Street remains in place.