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Biking the C&O and GAP in November

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Neil from Arlington on 9/18/2023 11:50:48 AM:

Our group had to postpone our trip in September and was wondering if anyone has experience riding in the month of November and if that is reasonable for weather, accommodations, daylight etc.

thanks for your comments!

Willy from Alexandria VA on 9/18/2023 12:41:25 PM:
I have done DC to Pittsburgh in November ending up in Pittsburgh the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Weather can be unpredictable over 6 days riding. Most notably having to bike through fresh 1 inch of snow between Frostburg and Rockwood.

Restaurants and lodging options may be limited.

Yes the days are shorter, but if you start at dawn, you still have enough time to reach your next stop before dusk.