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Harpers Ferry Hostel in Harpers Ferry

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Patty from Brownsville,MN on 9/29/2023 8:35:10 PM:
I’m staying there now. It’s called the Crosstrails Hostel and is not in Harpers Ferry. You have to go past mm 59 and double back up a hill to the hostel. Google tried to take me on Harpers Ferry Road to Sandy Hook Road cutting off before mm 61 to Harpers Ferry. These roads are closed and ther was no way to access them from the trail. It caused a heap of confusion. I’m glad i came this way because now I just have to go back down a hill and will be further down the trail. It used to be an American Youth hostel for 50 years a volunteer told me but they had staffing and other problems and shut down for a time in 2019. Now there’s a manager and several volunteers. You can make online reservations. It’s $30 to stay in the dorm. They have men and women’s dorms. They have a private room and camping too. They do host groups from time to time and then are not open to the public. I think it’d be better than the KOA cause you can stay inside out of the elements. You get a towel, blankets and sheets. They offered breakfast food too, but it didn’t say that on the website.

Rivnuts from Homestead PA on 9/30/2023 4:35:30 AM:
Patty: I’m a little confused (as is often the case). For me to be clear, if you were riding upriver, where did you cross over the railroad tracks to get to Sandy Hook Road without getting on Haepers Ferry Road near the railroad tunnel?

Please forgive my ignorance.

Willy from Alexandria VA on 9/30/2023 2:32:57 PM:
I believe that you would cross the railroad tracks closer to mm 58 where the Appellation Trail turns north off the C&O trail.

After crossing the RR tracks go to the left on Keep Tryst Rd. Go up the hill ~.7 mile turn left on Sandy Hook Road.

Another tenth of a mile after Sandy Hook Road is the Guide House Grill (great place by the way), a great liquor store.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 9/30/2023 9:31:51 PM:
"Ah said the blind man, now I see it". An uphill jaunt but doable. Thanks for that info. I'll be passing by that way next week in route from DC to Pittsburgh.

Barry from Hershey,PA on 10/1/2023 2:03:24 PM:
I just want to add my experience with the Hostel. Last Fall, I made reservations to stay one night at the Hostel. When I called to get directions, from the Harpers Ferry trail marker, I was told that there was not an opening that night. I explained that I already paid an overnight fee via credit card. The manager said sorry, but my reservation was cancelled, on the spot, and that I would receive a refund. We ended up staying at the KOA in Harpers Ferry. Despite phone calls and emails, I never got a refund from the Hostel. That is my experience and obviously do not recommend staying there.