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October Ride C & O

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Michael from Brick,N.J. on 10/8/2023 4:17:49 PM:
Hi everyone ,
How is it riding the C & 0 from Washington to Cumberland in mid October?
Wondering if the colors are starting to pop ?
Also weather wise this time of year ?
Thank you for any and all help.


Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 10/10/2023 7:40:37 PM:
I just finished riding and camping from DC to Pittsburgh today. Leaves are falling and the trail was covered with them along the way. Lots of yellow to go along with green leaves but the reds and oranges are generally yet to come. In my opinion, we are still a few days or one good frost from reaching peak colors along the trail.

The most colorful stretch on the trip was on the GAP between the Eastern Continental Divide and Deal, PA.

The weather was a mixed bag. The first three days were warm and comfortable for riding and camping. Friday night brought heavy rains extending into the early morning. That made the C&O a sloppy mess between Little Orleans and Cumberland with lots of puddles and mud. Not a fun day's ride.

The weather turned significantly cooler on Sunday and thereafter along the GAP, especially at night. It was well down into the 30's on Sunday night in Meyersdale on the GAP.