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Traveler's Rest in Pittsburgh

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Brian from Moundsville WV/ now Scottsdale, AZ on 2/8/2024 6:26:18 PM:
The Travelers Rest Hotel is still very much bicycle friendly. I stayed there during the Covid plandemic and found it to be very good for cyclists and affordable. It's called a hotel but is very similar to a hostel. They have good accommodations to keep bike and gear and the owner Paul and Mary Beth are very kind.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 2/9/2024 8:57:03 PM:
Just for information the Travelers Rest hotel is not directly on the formal GAP trail in to/out of downtown Pittsburgh on the north side of the Monongahela River. It is, however, just a couple of blocks off an alternate route in to/out of town on the south side of the river. It’s not an issue as long as you locate it and plan your ride accordingly.