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upscale? ride

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RF from Downingtown PA on 5/22/2024 5:42:03 AM:
Trying to plan a ride in Oct of 2025 for 6 couples from Pitt to DC. We would be hosting 5 couples from southern CA. I know that much of the ride is rural but looking for B&B or VRBO that could house us. Maybe a winery stop, maybe a nicer restaurant. Planning a stop at Fallingwater. We will have a SAG vehicle.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 5/22/2024 7:27:16 AM:
The first couple of places that came to mind could not accommodate six couples. One that would however would be the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown WV. You can check out its web site to see if it’s the kind of place that would be of interest to your group. Note that Shepherdstown is on the opposite side of the Potomac River from the C&0 Towpath Trail. It is readily accessible however via a switchback to reach the bridge crossing the river to the Inn.

Shepherdstown itself is a quaint small college town itself which is one of my favorite places along the route.

Hopefully, other forum readers are aware of others that serve your interests.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 5/22/2024 9:47:26 AM:
Since you have SAG support you might want to investigate BnB's/VRBO's near Leesburg VA. I found one that sleeps 12 with a winery nearby. Once again however, Leesburg is on the opposite side of the river from the C&O. However with White's Ferry no longer operating, it is no long possible to cross the river there by bike or car.

If your SAG support can transport your bikes as well as your gear, then you could cross the river via one of the bridges either up or downstream of Whites Ferry to get to the Virginia side and one of the vacation rentals over there.

Robert Flagg from Downingtown on 5/26/2024 7:10:34 AM:
Thanks for the help. I'll look into these and any other posts I get.

Robert Flagg from Downingtown on 5/26/2024 8:29:04 AM:
Rivnuts, thanks. Bavarian looks like it might work well. Do you know the name of the B&B you stayed at. We're not opposed to getting off the trail for a while to get to the B&B.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 5/26/2024 9:44:51 AM:
Here’s the one I found online described as a Cozy Creekside Cabin with a Great Room outside Leesburg. It says there are wineries nearby as well. (Maybe not of California quality however.)


Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 5/26/2024 9:45:42 AM:
To be clear, I myself have not stayed there.

TicoCharlie from Monroeville on 6/16/2024 10:57:45 PM:
If you want to stay near Fallingwater, look up
I booked the large house for my daughter but I know one of the owners, FYI.
Read the reviews. It is in Confluence.
Ask for Robin or Dan.