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Fifteen Mile Creek construction - access to Little Orleans?

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Straus Guide 80 from Thornton, CO on 5/26/2024 12:26:51 PM:
With the construction at Fifteen Mile Creek, is there access from the C&O Canal towpath to Little Orleans and Bill's Place?

The detour map on the NPS site seems to indicate NO access with the detour being on the campground / boat ramp side of the canal.

I'm going back after many years and can't miss L.Orleans.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 5/26/2024 6:29:48 PM:
For what it’s worth, the following C&O Detour Information website states the following in and around 15-Mile Creek. No mention of closures in that area. There were no issues there last fall but I trust recent travellers through that area can provide an accurate and current account of the situation there, if any.

Polly Pond (MP 134.3)

Towpath Detour, The bridge across Polly Pond Creek is closed. All cyclists and pedestrians will be detoured to the Western Maryland Rail Trail between Lock 55 (mile 134.1) and Lock 56 (mile 136.2).

Fifteenmile Creek (MP 140.9)

Open, Campground.
Open, Parking lot.
Open, Boat ramp.

If you are specifically interested at stopping at Billl’s Place even though Bill himself is no longer there you’d do well to call ahead and make sure it’s open on the day you plan to be there.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 5/27/2024 12:21:22 PM:
On Bills Place Facebook page there is a picture post from 2 days ago that exclaims “The Bridge is Open Woohoo!”

Perhaps that is some insight into your question.

Straus Guide 80 from Thornton, CO on 5/29/2024 12:21:41 AM:
Thanks Rivnuts! I looked at the N.P. website before I wrote that request. It changed the next day to "Open". Perhaps I'll ask about other detours and they'll open, too. :-)

I'm moving my start day from Cumberland up a day to Sunday 6/23 in hope that Bill's Place will be open and Jack Schoenadel will be there since it looks like it's usually closed on Mondays and Tuesdays even in the summer.