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Week long parking

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Mike H from Saranac Lake on 5/28/2024 1:22:00 PM:
Looking for week long parking outside Washington and/or Pittsburgh and also near the Amtrak. WOuld like to ride in either direction and still catch the train back to my parked vehicle. Thanks all MIke

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 5/28/2024 8:55:32 PM:
There’s a parking garage above the bus station in Pittsburgh across the street from thr Amtrak station.

Anonymous on 5/30/2024 6:56:56 AM:
Although this isn’t next to the Amtrak station in DC, many people have parked at National airport and then rode the Mt Vernon trail to get to Mile 0 of the C&O in Georgetown to begin their ride.