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Lodging between Harpers Ferry and end of C&O

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Sherry from San Diego on 6/7/2024 4:39:15 PM:
With Whites Ferry not currently an option for getting to Leesburg, What are riders doing for lodging between Harpers Ferry and the C&O terminus in Georgetown?


Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 6/7/2024 7:59:49 PM:
Aside from the Travel Lodge in Brunswick, MD, there are virtually no lodging locations between Harpers Ferry and DC and Brunswick is just a few miles beyond Harpers Ferry. There are reports that the owner of Whites Ferry has offered to donate the ferry to Montgomery County MD if they can reach an agreement with the VA property owners on the other side of the river. However, no progress in reaching an agreement to reopen the ferry has been reported to date. Hence, accommodations in Leesburg are still not easily accessible from the Towpath.