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Bright Morning Bed & Breakfast in West Newton

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Terssa DelliSanti from Tobyhana, pa. 18466 on 6/25/2024 4:18:55 PM:
the families are making plans for burials in West newton cemetery in AUG. WE would like to be together in one house. Please let me know if the main house is available 570-580-9104

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 6/26/2024 12:29:44 PM:
Unless the hosts of the Bright Morning BnB are monitoring this forum, I don’t think the rest of us forum participants can answer your question. Of course, the best and most reliable answer to your question would come from the Bright Morning hosts by calling them at 724-872-0792 and/or going to their website at www.brightmorningbb.com. You can get some insight into your question at that website as it has a table of room/house availability for the future including August and then querying the hosts.