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The C&O Canal Towpath Trail and Great Allegheny Passage

Ride completed 6/23-25/2024 - Thanks to all!

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Straus Guide 80 from Thornton, CO on 6/28/2024 9:33:47 PM:
Thanks to RivNuts and all the posters on this site for great information enabling me to plan and ride. Did Cumberland-Hancock-Harper's Ferry-G'town 3-day itinerary. Hot start day bit lots of shade. Trail conditions were better than expected with dry weather and little mud, mostly avoidable.
The resurfaced sections were great. The few detours were short and not a major chore. Water was a challenge. With the pumps at the HB overnighters signed as requiring treatment, they don't seem to be getting much use and the few I tried were really hard to pump. The potable water one at Paw Paw was fine. I needed someone to hold my water bottles to pump with 2 hands at 15 mile Creek. Surprised to find a nice spigot at Seneca Creek aqueduct. PortaPots were plentiful and clean. People along the trail were wonderful.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 6/29/2024 4:48:53 AM:
Glad to hear you had a good ride. The conditions you describe sound “typical” even with the fallen tree although maybe not 3 feet in diameter! Even the hard-to-use pumps sound normal. As for the non potable water therein now, I now carry a Sawyer filter for drinking water if needed.

You’ll have to come back a few more times to experience “atypical” conditions such as flood residue, steady rains, significant mechanical failures and lengthy detours which are all part of the adventure. You’ll also have to take more time to leave the trail a little and see the towns and sights along the way.

Curiously, what was your most memorable part of the trip?

Straus Guide 80 from Thornton, CO on 6/30/2024 10:39:03 PM:
Rivnuts, I saw several river / towpath floods in the 70s and 1980. Glad one didn't happen this year. Lots of memorable moments from this ride - seeing the campsites, tunnel, Bill's Place and Sideling Hill Creek S.P. that I frequented 40+ years ago when adventuring with Scouts and then working as a canoe and backpacking guide for 4 summers based at the Straus Wilderness Area High Adventure base (now SHC S.P.). Lots of wildlife, too. Many deer, rabbits, squirrels, song and colorful birds, huge owl, fox, racoons, snakes and to top off the list, a big bear strolling up the towpath towards me a bit north of White's Ferry!