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J.A. from Va on 3/18/2012 4:18:55 PM:
My friend and I have never biked the C&O canal but we want to this spring. We have mountain bikes and ride trails quite often. We were wondering what is the most scenic part of the C&O trail?

lenny on 3/18/2012 7:03:42 PM:
there is no one part, you will be amazed at least once per mile

JA from VA on 3/22/2012 10:31:38 AM:
Thanks, Lenny! Our favorite trail so far has been the Greenbrier River Trail in WV. Looking forward to riding C&O.

Randy on 3/22/2012 3:19:15 PM:
There are spectacular views all along the C&O Canal. I think the Potomac River is a river of beauty. The water is clear! Great Falls and Harpers Ferry have incredible views. North of Hancock, MD it gets more remote with almost no developed areas. Paw Paw Tunnel (and the approach to the Tunnel) is really cool. I agree with Lenny there are incredible views up and down the trail. It's a shame but, some folks just ride the trail and never experience these views.

Randy on 3/23/2012 12:29:07 PM:
Just wanted to mention also that you should take spare inner tubes with you on your trip. This is not a rail trail per se. The trail can be very rough in certain sections. It is packed hard dirt with natural stone, some of which can be jagged and sharp.

Anonymous on 3/23/2012 9:48:28 PM:
Randy, thanks so much for all the helpful info! Sounds wonderful! And I can't imagine how anyone can ride the trails and not notice all the incredible beauty all around them! But I know it happens.