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Reply to Bike transport from Cumberland to Pittsburg?

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Reply to Bike transport from Cumberland to Pittsburg?
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musicguy from SILVER SPRING on 5/20/2012 3:52:51 PM:
I'd like to ride from Pittsburg to Cumberland.
Is there a way to leave my car in Cumberland and get transportation for me & my bike to Pittsburg?

speedster on 5/21/2012 2:23:32 PM:
Amtrak has the 'Capitol Limited' route running between DC & Chicago with stops in the cities you are needing (Cumberland & Pittsburgh).

I am not positive, but believe its possible to bring your bike aboard with you. Maybe someone who has used the service will come in here with an answer. Otherwise, call up Amtrak and inquire about it..

lenny on 5/21/2012 8:23:47 PM:
Can only load bike in Pittsburgh and Washington as freight.There is no roll on service anywhere along the route...Yet

speedster on 5/21/2012 9:49:19 PM:
It could maybe still be done, although with compromises.

If you purchased a foldable bike and could fit it into your carry-on luggage, well..,maybe its possible to go about it like this. Although by doing this you lose the option of using a regular-sized bike ( which is likely far more comfortable and would allow for a quicker travelling pace) and loading up your carry-on with a bike probably wouldn't leave room to carry all your necessaries..

Aside from this, maybe Greyhound or another regional bus service is available that would accommodate your situation..at least worth it to call around and find out.

JW from Bowling Green, Ohio on 5/22/2012 7:33:15 PM:
Check Yough River Transport

They offer a shuttle service and emergency pick up.

Mr Purple Paul on 5/24/2012 9:29:15 PM:
You might check with the place you plan to stay overnight at in Pittsburgh. .. they may let you store your bike there earlier in the day ... and then all you have to do is drive to Cumberland and get on the train. . . okay not all .. you have to get off in Pittsburgh and find your way to the B&B or hotel to get your bike. . .