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Volunteers needed for sandbagging - March 13

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Ray (webmaster) on 3/13/2010 8:44:31 AM:
You might be seeing these notices after Saturday morning, but if you want to help I would still suggest calling - these efferts might be going on for many days:

Lockhouse 6 Needs Your Help! -
Volunteers needed Saturday

In preparation for the flood, which is expected to crest near Lockhouse 6 on Sunday, the C&O Canal Trust will sandbag the lockhouse beginning at noon this Saturday, March 13th. Materials and equipment will be provided, though additional wheelbarrows would be welcomed. Assistance may also be required to move furnishings associated with the Trust's Canal Quarters program.

Please keep in mind, parking at this location is very limited.

If you have specific questions, please contact Matthew Logan at 301-512-7027 or logan@canaltrust.org.

Volunteers Needed at Great Falls -
Sandbagging to take place at Tavern

The Historic Tavern at Great Falls is also enlisting the help of volunteers tomorrow beginning at 9 a.m. All persons interested in helping should call the Visitor Center first thing tomorrow morning at 301-767-3714.

Cushwa Warehouse Needs Help -
Items to be moved to second floor

The Cushwa building, which houses the Visitor Center at Williamsport, will likely be inundated before the weekend is over. Volunteers are gathering tomorrow morning to disassemble exhibits and move items to the second floor. Work will begin by 8:30. To assist, contact Curt Gaul by calling 301-491-6265.