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Water available

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Sloturtle from Ohio on 9/7/2012 4:56:19 AM:
Doing Pittsburgh to DC next week. Is water easley available or should I take a Camelback?

lenny on 9/8/2012 6:47:04 AM:
You need to carry enough water to make it to the next trail head there is cistern water about every 5 miles on the tow path, but I don't drink it, although others do. Major trail heads are about 30 miles apart on both the GAP and the C&O. I carry 2L of water for that distance in bottles. My wife on the other hand uses the same amount in a camelback. When are you leaving and from where? Wife and I leave tomorrow From Point Park,Look me up if your nearby, I' have a red helmet and yellow or blue shirt on, weather depending.

Sloturtle from Zanesville oh on 9/8/2012 7:41:39 AM:
We are leaving Mon morn from Boston Pa 3 of us 1 has done the trail several times. He uses a camelback I was trying to get away from it but think I will use mine also. Stay away from cister water ugh. We plan to finish Fri late afternoon. Travel safe and enjoy. Ty for the forum site it has been interesting reading and help