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Ray (webmaster) on 12/23/2018 9:29:51 AM:
Welcome to the updated and upgraded BikeCandO.com! If you've been here before, you may notice that the website looks different. All the same data, trip planning tools, and forum discussions are still here. But now you'll also find: 1. A new look and feel. This is the first "facelift" since the site was launched over ten years ago. 2. Better maps and mapping tools, more fully taking advantage of the features of Google Maps. 3. Improved fit and viewability on all sizes of screens. In other words, it should look good on your cell phone or tablet, as well as desktop or laptop. 4. More customized experience, with the website remembering the selections you've made on the trip planning tools, through the use of cookies 5. More features in the trip planning tools I developed this new format on the Erie Canal site that I also run, bikeErieCanal.com. It was then expanded to the Cowboy Trail site, bikeCowboyTrail.com, with fixes and improvements along the way. Now BikeCandO.com is finally ready for the upgrade! Any feedback is welcome; please send comments to contact@bikecando.com Happy trails!

rdw47 from richmond va on 12/23/2018 1:05:52 PM:
thanks for the website. so, far the first change i've noticed is having the replies right after the post. i like that. also following the erie canal site. hoping to spend some time this spring on that trail. again, thanks for your efforts.

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 12/25/2018 5:11:32 PM:
Nice work Ray! I really appreciate the new look and enhancements. Commenting is lot easier now also. Happy to see you added the Erie Canal site. A very helpful resource! John