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Reply to Planning my 9th thru-hike of the C&O
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whisperingwind from Former Cumberlander, now living in SC on 1/23/2019 10:50:18 AM:
Granted it has been a few years, almost 5 to be exact, since I've stepped foot on the C&O, you would think after 8 thru-hikes, I would be tired of this trail. Out of the 8 I have done, one of them winded up becoming a flip-flop, and became a 369 mile trip, from Cumberland to Georgetown and back. And for whatever reason, I have never gotten tired of the trail. When I lived in Cumberland, anywhere between the scenic train station to Evitts Creek campsite was my playground. When the ex-girlfriend couldn't find me, I was on the trail somewhere, whether exploring, fishing, biking, walking, or camping at Evitts Creek. I even picked up my trail name, whisperingwind, in 2007 on the C&O. This happened when another hiker, would leave a campsite before me, and be in his/her tent sleeping before I got there. After 5 days, I woke up to find a note sitting on the table. It said, "Each evening, you sneak in, and I don't hear a sound. Each morning I get up, leave, make shelter, sleep, and wake up to find you, yet again, have snuck in. You have been like a silent breeze. I hereby call you whisperingwind." Sadly, I never caught up with him/her, as I would have loved to sit and chat with this person. In that entire time, we never spoke, nor seen each other. I only use this name when on the C&O, as it pertains to this trail. So fast forward to now. I had been thinking all last year of doing another Appalachian Trail thru-hike, but after some more thinking, I've twisted it up a little. I've come up with hiking the C&O from Cumberland to Georgetown, and back to Harper's Ferry. From there, I will cross the foot bridge and hike from there to Springer Mountain in Georgia. But I got 2 questions now. Hopefully it doesn't continue much longer, but is the government shutdown affecting the C&O at all? I ask this because I wondered if the handles would be back on the water pumps. And the water pump brings me to my next question. For as long as I remember, and as many times as I have been there, the water pump at Potomac Forks campsite has never worked for me. Me and a friend one day took about 20 minutes trying to make water come out of it, and not even a drip. Does anyone know if it's working yet, or should I bring water just in case? Just to add this last bit, I love the Potomac Forks campsite and it's listed as my favorite campsite. I love how it's set up, with the lock and the house there. It makes it feel as if you are experiencing the past.